About us

At GPS Play we develop location based city games. These are games that you play outside, using a device that is GPS enabled. Which is about every modern smartphone or tablet.

By moving yourself, your virtual game character will also move around on the game map and you can accomplish certain goals .
The games we develop are specifically designed as multi player games. Therefore the games are well fit for group activities as company outings, stag / hen parties or team building events.

Our customers are parties that organise events such like company outings, bachelor parties or team building events. They use our games to give their customers an unique experience.

The advantages of using our games are :

  • The games are fun for everyone, young or old.
  • Unique game experience per city.
  • No need for big investments.
  • No monthly fees.
  • During a game only little support is needed from a game master.
  • The games have already proven themselves as they have been played over 10.000 times.
  • Perfect for company outings, stag/hen parties or team building events.

If you would like to offer these games to your customers, you can contact us without obligation.