The Hangover

Who didn’t see this movie? You and your friends also had a fantastic bachelor party and are now dealing with the consequences. Lost teeth, a horrific tattoo and one hell of a headache. And the worst part: the marriage is today and you still have to arrange everything!

Using a smartphone you are sent throughout the city. The goal of the game is to take care of all the things that have to be arranged such as fixing your teeth, picking up the rings and removing your tattoo. And To make things even more interesting we added some virtual characters to the game. Pay off the striptease dancer to avoid her putting the spicy pictures from yesterday evening on Facebook, but try to avoid your mother in law and ex-girlfriend. They might want to ruin your marriage reception!

Run and don’t look back! Can you still save your marriage? We certainly hope so!

Who can play this?

The Hangover is a city game that uses smartphones and tablets, so anyone who can use such a device can play. Would you like to feel as if you’re part of that famous movie? Then this game is definitely for you! Suspense, teamwork and fun are all part of the deal, so we know you’ll have a great time playing!

Where, how long and how many?

This game takes about 2 hours and can be played with multiple groups from 6 to 30 people. It can be played in every town or city and the map can be customised to fit the location.

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