Escape Game

A scrambled video starts up, and a distorted voice speaks to you. “I want to play a game” it says. Through the garbled video-feed you can just make out the black, lifeless eyes and jaunted cheekbones of Dr. Crypto; a deranged killer who has locked up several men and women throughout the city. Can you solve the riddles Dr. Crypto has left behind throughout the city and save these people from their locked cages?

Run around your favourite city to gather clues from the environment and save the hostages. That’s our Escape Game. Save the people with one group or go head to head with multiple groups in this exciting and devious location-based spectacle. A perfect complement to a physical Escape Room or a great team-building experience on its own.

How does it work?

You and your team members each get a smartphone or tablet with GPS. This way you can find the clues left by Dr. Crypto, who scattered them all over the city. Try and free the hostages as quickly as possible, you’ll get bonus cash! If you really can’t figure out the puzzle, buy a hint! But know that every wrong guess and every hint bought will cost you money!

Who can play this?

Escape Game is a city game that uses smartphones and tablets, so anyone who can use such a device can play. Do you like suspense, strategy and puzzles? Then this game is definitely for you! But there’s more: you will also discover interesting sights along the way and learn a lot of the city. The perfect combination!

Where, how long and how many?

The game lasts about a total of about 2 hours and is suitable for multiple groups, 3 to 6 people each. This makes it an ideal companion to a physical Escape Room! The game can be played in all cities and villages, where maps and puzzles can be customised to fit the environment.