Here you find testimonials from some of our customers.

“We had a great time last saturday and our personnel really liked the game. We’re very glad that our team scored a new record in Antwerpen. Thanks for a great game!”

“We had a fantastic day! We had our colleagues from the UK over. We don’t see them that often but we do have to work together frequently.
Shoot Out┬áreally contributed to the team spirit! You get to see each other from a different side altogether. We will certainly play this game again with each other!”

“We really enjoyed this game! Everyone was really fanatical and you almost had the feeling you were robbing real buildings. We were running from the police and cheering when we blew up the armored truck. We finished our afternoon with a drink and found out that some teams walked for about 4 miles. We had a great time!”

“We organized our corporate event on the best day of spring that year, so everyone was in a good mood. It was nice to see that people that were a bit reluctant to play the game, were the the most fanatical in running through the center of Amsterdam in the end of the afternoon.”