Sweat is pouring down your back whilst you traverse the sandy road into the horizon. While you were peacefully drinking beer in the tavern of the village you were at yesterday, today you’ve already been walking for a few hours. The reason is that there’s a village to be established at the end of this freshly-built road. This new town will make you a lot of new resources, like grain or iron ore, which you’ll desperately need. Because you’re in the race to be the first to colonise this island completely. With that thought in your mind you tighten your belt and speed up your pace. It’s not easy being a settler, but it sure is fun!

How does it work?

With settlers, you start out seeing a playing field on your device, consisting out of a multitude of Hexagons. But the field isn’t completely discovered yet. Your job is to walk around and discover more of the field and colonise it. The new areas you uncover will net you the resources instantly. after that you can build villages on the crossroads. Because village will net you the resources from that area every so often. You can upgrade these villages to cities, with the right resources, to get even more income. The villages and cities are worth points and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins. But watch out! After you’ve scored three points the robber will awaken! This thievish fellow will walk around your area and stop the income from one of your colonies. luckily you can transform into a knight by buying a development card, after which you can knock-out the robber for ten minutes.

Trade with traders, plunder someone else’s cities, build city wals and do much more in Settlers!

Who can play this?

Settlers is a city game that uses smartphones and tablets, so anyone who can use such a device can play. Do you like suspense, strategy and collaboration? Or do you like settler-based board games? Then this complex game is definitely for you! Take the board game outside with Settlers!

How long, where and how many?

The game lasts about a total of about 2 hours and is suitable for multiple groups, ranging from 6 to 80 people. The game can be played in all cities and villages, where maps can be customised to fit the environment.