Imagine your heart is beating in your throat and sweat pours from your forehead. You just busted a safe and obtained a nice loot that makes you the richest gangster in the city. For just a moment you’re the king of the city but… you’ve been spotted! The police are closing in on your position and a rival gang member is holding you at gunpoint. Time to run away as fast as you can? Or do you grab your machine gun and start spraying bullets?

Is this a scene from the new Quentin Tarantino movie? Nope! It could happen to you in real life while playing Shootout, the game in which armed to the teeth gunmen struggle for power.

In Shootout you challenge your friends or colleagues and determine once and for all which one of you is really in control of the city. And as you know, all’s fair in love and war. As a relentless criminal you plunder vaults, hide behind cars and use your bazooka to blow up money trucks. Ka-ching! Do what you need to do to fill your wallet and, oh yeah, whatever happens: don’t forget to look over your shoulder!

How does it work?

You and your team members each get a smartphone or tablet with GPS. This way you can find the the points of interest, like Vaults and armoured cars, which are scattered all over the city. Using the same device you can follow every movement of your opponents in real time and try to shoot them to disable their actions for a minute. try and gather the most catch, bitch watch out for the virtual cops running around!

Who can play this?

Shootout is an intense city game that uses smartphones and tablets, so anyone who can use such a device can play. Do you like suspenseful moments, strategic thinking and competitive gameplay? Then this game is definitely for you! You will feel lik you’re in an action movie!

Where, how long and how many?

The game lasts about a total of about 2 hours and is suitable for multiple groups, ranging from 6 to 80 people. The game can be played in all cities and villages, where maps can be customised to fit the environment.

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